2012 Honda Civic Sedan. Chinese version.

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This is not one of these Chinese copy of a Japanese car.
This is the real Honda Civic sedan.
Slightly revised for the Chinese market.

They added the goofy lights on the trunk in the back. Just like they did last year on the Accord sedan in the US.

Not sure who told them that looked good….

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  1. Vince, the onli thing I can say is, OHHH MY GOD!
    Honda just destroyed the Civic, how they seen the new Hyundai Elantra? There is no comparison.
    The same goes for the Toyo Corolla and Nissan Versa.
    I used to like Hondas/Acuras, not anymore, my next purchase will be a Hyundai Sonata, Elantra or maybe a Tucson. Reliable, nice exterior/interior design. Decent stereo with bluetooth inclueded.

    Vince, I love cars and Hyundai got my attention, forget about VW, too many electrical problems, Toyo and Honda so boring.

    This new Civic model looks like a 80's version, just mu 2 Cents here.

  2. The tacked-on reflectors on the Accord trunk lid are truly stupid. They are NOT lights. Things like that (and this Chinese Civic) make me wonder what Honda/Acura is thinking when it comes to design. They are doing some design elements that make me question their sanity.

  3. To clarify what those weird "strips" are:

    The 2008 Honda Inspire (the U.S. Accord) was actually the first to have them, except in the Inspire's case, they house the rear fog lights. The 2008-2010 Accord did away with them, but for 2011 some smuck (or a team of smucks?) decided that the rear end of the Accord should be more in line with the Inspire in terms of looks, more so because it was easier to tack those empty strips onto the truck than to actually give the rear a proper "refreshening." Look up the Honda Inspire, you'll see what I mean.

    The essentially designed the rear fog lights to be similar to the Honda Inspire's (and now 2011-2012 US Accord).

    Most cars in the US do not get rear fog lights. The only ones that keep them are Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, Porche, Lambo, Ferrari, and the last generation Oldsmobile Aurora. They are disconnected in VWs and BMWs mostly because people in the above category of vehicles aren't really aware of them and drive around with them on without being aware of it. I see it too much. Most people think they are just broken brake lights (because it may be only one bulb in some cases).

    I really get angry when people use them without paying attention at night where is is NOT any fog. I'm nice enough not to put my high beams in their face.

  4. "I really get angry when people use them without paying attention at night where is is NOT any fog. I'm nice enough not to put my high beams in their face."

    March 27, 2011 3:33 PM

    I know what you mean.
    It works the other way as well.
    I owned a car with rear foglights and i would switch them on deliberatly if people were tailgating too close.

  5. Everyone in the US cries foul when we don't get the cool cars that the Europeans get. But the ones that really get the shaft seem to be the Chinese. Their roads are littered with truly ugly pieces of $hit like this.

  6. Learn something new everyday… I had no idea there even WERE rear fog lights.

    Anyways, I'm sure the new Civic will still be a very good car. I agree that Honda styling and some engineering choices look like they're just not trying anymore. I miss the days of sporty 2drs and small Hondas that used great control suspensions and strived to not just meet quota but to blow your mind. I still remember the hype leading up to the 2nd Gen Honda Prelude with the half-flipup lights. The excitement was unbelievable in the auto world. Now, they hope to quietly slilp the next iteration in. Although Honda Japan shares blame, Honda NA Marketing is the absolute worst and people should be fired for what they've done to the US product line. Growing your sales numbers is important, but if you lose your soul in the process… you'll become an 'also-ran' in an ever tougher market.

  7. Honda takes the rear fog lights OFF in the US & Chrysler puts them ON. (Part of the saftey-tech pkg on the new 300 & some others)

  8. Your looking at the mid cycle refresh in 2015, torque will improve by .013% shift points will be adjusted as well. Real world gas mileage will still be 25 mpg. Meanwhile the rest of the industry will continue to advance and Honda will persue a policy of complete and utter stagnation, hoping to be acquired by Toyota.

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