2012 Honda CRV

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Just an illustration of what it could look like.

I guess it is as realistic as anything else. Why not.

Hond hasn’t designed anything original for a while, plus, the current CRV has been a giant hit for them.
So they might just “pull a 2012 Civic” trick on us.
Where the 2012 is all new, but looks like the old one.

Who knows…

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  1. The headlights copied the new Rio's. The roofline is off the Soul's and it doesn't look better than the Sportage, Rouge, and the cloned MAzda CX-5.

  2. Not a fan of the Crosstour front end. It doesn't work on the Crosstour, and it doesn't work here, either.

  3. Okay.

    I remember yeeaaarrrsss ago when Vince posted a spy pic/illustration of a green CR-V. I was adamant it was a photoshop because it looked so bad. It turned out to be the current generation CR-V, and Vince had a pic of it nearly 2 years before it debuted, sans camouflage.

    I'm not saying this pic is the real deal, but…

  4. The current CRV is a nice design inside and out and very popular with car buyers. What it needs is some refinement and noise insulation – it's a tremendously noisy car, and just not a relaxing place to be.

  5. That is a picture from an old Japanese magazine, it's nothing more than a rendering by a fan with lots of time in his/her hands.

  6. The wheel lug copied from a Mazerati. The wiper blade copied from a Bugatti. The door lock knob copied from a Dusenberg.

  7. Oh, wonderful! Since the Crosstour's front-end styling was such a big hit, let's graft it onto the next CR-V! Is anyone at Honda's styling department paying attention to anything? The front styling has been THE most ill-received part of the Crosstour so why in the world would they want to use it on something else? Wow, what a shame, if this is real…

  8. Hey Vince, this is a really bad photoshop.

    The doors are from a Sorento, see the bottom style line. The A pillars are cut from the Range Rover Evoque. The wheels are shopped straight from the Acura ZDX. The C-D pillar glass is straight from the G3 CR-V.

    While this might be representative of the final product, it certainly isn't even close to 100%. I can tell you this with great cetainty.

    Regardless, the CR-V has been America's best selling SUV for 5 years now. Honda really needs to keep up their good work with this vehicle as it has been a huge hit for them.

  9. You would think sites would at least analyze this crap before they post it. It could hurt your credibility.

  10. There isn't any trick in the design for 2012 Civic. Honda decided not to make the car bigger like it was originally planned. Plus that designed sold very well. You don't have to make a revolutionary design. Only evolutionary.

  11. Also this is taken from the Kia Sportage. I don't understand why people take this fake design so seriously.

  12. Vince, If Honda doesn't get off their 90's technology kick soon, you might as well forget them altogether! All Hondas should have at the very least a 6 speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters standard! Old school technology does not a trendsetter make. Honda was once the company to follow, now they trail far behind! A Direct Injection engine would also help the cause as well!

  13. How times have changed. Honda made its debut in the 70s for those wanting smaller and more fuel efficient engines. Today Honda has some of the least fuel efficient cars.

  14. Sooo happy this looks as bad as it does. I sell the awesome Rogue and the more duds that toyota and honda put out, the better for me.

  15. Vince, like others mentioned, Honda is being left behind alongside Toyo.

    Look out Hyundai, Ford and others.
    Boring design and old technology will destroy Honda.
    I used to love Honda, got six of their vehicles.
    I currently own a Subaru(boring-wife's car) and a Scion.
    I'm looking into Hyundai and Kia lately.
    This CRV version looks like a bad photshop.
    Honda just destroyed the new civic and Accord.

  16. It does look rather similar to the older model CRV's but I don't think it looks bad at all. I am guessing Honda didn't want to mess with a good thing. The picture is a bit blurry though so it's hard to tell for certain…

  17. Yuck! I hope it doesn't look like this. The current version is definitely not a looker, but this would be much worse.

  18. For some strange reason this doesnt disgust me like the other "new" releases. I have owned 4 Honda's and for the life of me I do not see #5 happening anytime soon.

  19. BIG BIG IMPROVEMENT over the current fuguly CRV.

    But I sure wouldn't give you $20k for one! LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

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