2012 Kia K9

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This will be “the big Kia” coming out next year.

Scheduled to use the V8 engine from the Genesis.

A sketch of it was presented to the press last year, now we are seeing the first prototypes on the road.

Not sure this will really work outside of Korea. But that’s also what I thought of the Genesis, and it seems to be doing OK.

We’ll see….

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  1. What happened to the Cadenza (Azera)? Besides the design, how will this stand out from the Hyundai/Kia lineup? They did a great job differentiating the Forte from the Elantra….definitely Dodge/Chryslerish…but the Forte gets the stronger engine while the Elantra gets the more fuel efficient engine.

  2. Okay.

    They're gonna change the name of this thing, right? The K9 (Canine)? I hear it's gonna be a real dog!

  3. who is going to buy an expensive v8 Kia or Hyundai. I would not. Is an expensive hyundai/Kia a status symbol? No it is not. People that spend good money on cars are doing so for two reasons; (1) For a quality car , and (2) for an Image that they can portray to fellow workers, friends, family etc….Owning a Kia/Hyundai does not accomplish either. Forget it. This car is an Ego trip by hyundai executives, that's all. VW tried the same with Phaeton and failed miserably, this will fail for certain as well. There is absolutely no possible way that this concept holds water.

  4. I would consider buying it. The concept pic looks very interesting. The only thing that would kill the deal with me though is high fuel prices. Prices closing in on $5/gal and a V8 engine don't mix too well in my world. In that case I'd take a turbo Optima. As far as the whole "how are people going to perceive me in this car" thing…. I personnally could'nt care less. I don't care what other people think about what I'm driving; I care about what I'm driving. But I do understand what a previous poster is getting at. That is one of the things that killed the Pheaton. I think it's coming back though isn't it?

  5. cut the v8 in half >>> 4cyl turbo flexfuel plugin+solarpanels serial+parallel hybrid with foldout bicycle pedals for emergency charging

    Kias look better than Hyunduhs

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