2012 Nissan Versa

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Known as the Tilda in other markets.
The top picture is the 1st one I have seen of the all new design.
Which already looks much better than the current model.
And the interior seems even better.

Again, I think next year will be a great year for small cars in the US. And with gas prices over $4 a gallon, they will be more popular than ever.

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  1. Okay.

    Vince, it's actually known as the Nissan Tiida (with 2 i's) in other markets.

    I still don't know how to pronounce it…

  2. What a relief this is compared to the current one…I can even forgive the obvious "Nissan Leaf – Gas Version" look.

  3. It's pronounce Teeda, written Tiida. Here, it's Versa. Current car is roomy , quiet , has a great ride and is very efficient. This one will be better on all counts, easily putting it atop all cars made in the price range on every measurable item. Notice the left rear tailgate emblem reads DIG Turbo. That's the same system that the already legendary Juke uses. All in all, another Nissan Victory in bringing really great cars to the people.

  4. this car is hot hatch cool! Love the raised centre console with the expensive looking gear selector and amazing Juke style centre stack. Love the Clear tail light lenses. Love the Rogue like rear end look. The shiny Piano Black finish is used expertly on both the console and dash. I run a fleet of current Versas for my flower delivery business. I will replace them one by one with these. My current group of 5 have never ever cost me a cent other than regular oil/filter….I mean ZERO!. WHat a great little car.

  5. The Versa is a decent car. Any news on engine or mechanicals changes? Especially those that might increase its otherwise lackluster mileage.

  6. Nissan lists a conceptual sketch of the front of the 2012 Versa in the future vehicles section of their website.

  7. wowsers, soo much nicer than the honda fit and i think the toyo Yaris is not an option ( safety???). I won't buy Korean or chinese, so this is my new car. when will it land?

  8. Classless, Bad Karma…..may have washed away. Also, who would allow this comment to be published. Hello shameful.

  9. Too bad this doesn't have some wild design like the Juke.

    This is boring,now, "normal" looking.

    Too bad the Juke needs Premium gasoline… I'd just buy that.

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