2012 Nissan Versa

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Looking much better than the current 80’s looking model.

But it still doesn’t look as modern to me as the Mazda2. Or the next Kia Rio.

At least it is an improvement.
We’ll see…

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  1. Okay, I don't mean to sound like the douchebags who complain about everything, but this looks exactly like a Toyota from the front. Why would any automaker want to look like an invisible five year old Toyota design? Except for Nissan's small cars, I consider Nissan a better brand than Toyota. They need to go back to the drawing board on this.

  2. Are those LED tail lights? Looks like Nissan's going to put a lot of value into this small inexpensive package.

  3. This might be an upgraded version as I have seen pics of this with more normal tail lights and non projector headlights. I'm sure a budget Versa would not have such options.

  4. wow, what a beauty, looks like the mazda3 , only for less money. rumour has it , that it will have a small DIG Nissan Turbo in it. Wow, wow, wow! I'm excited, can u tell?

  5. From the angles presented, it looks very nice. Small Murano. I agree the grille area does look a bit Toyotaish, but it's clearly a Nissan looking design overall.

    I too doubt we'll get the LED tails and projector lamps. But they need to be offered here, even if it the SL top model. It's amazing how people will decide on a car because those two features are offered.

  6. Yes, I like those features (LEDs and Projector Headlamps) even in a small cheap car. The current one even offers a sunroof and navi. Keep that formula and this might be in my garage in a year.

  7. I don't get it Vince. First you compare the Tiida (that's what it is, look at the BADGE) to a Corolla. Remember those spy photos of the black Sunny? Now you're comparing it to a Mazda2 and Kia Rio? If this thing's twin sedan competes with the Corolla, wouldn't this compete with the Mazda3?

  8. Yeah, I think this is really damn ugly. The Juke is ugly, and the rear end reminds me of the Juke and Murano combined.

    Let's hope that Nissan at least fixed the reliability problems, because these things were AWFUL reliability wise. Don't believe me? Check TrueDelta, JD Power, and Consumer Reports.

    I'll take a Mazda2 as soon as they add the Sky-G engine to it, or a Fiesta.

  9. this looks very good. It has rogue and mazda 3 looks combined somehow. Both design leaders in their segments. I think it will also come with Nissan's DIG Turbo and small displacement, meaning 50 or more mpg and lots of punch. Nissan has spent a lot of time developing great technologies such as their CVT ( now, the world's finest) and the small, efficient, powerful DIG turbo engines , as in the JUKE. This points to a very bright future and development dollars well spent.

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