2012 Subaru Impreza

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Although these are just illustrations, they do give a good idea of that a production version of their recent concept could look like.
Much better than the current version. Which didn’t even look good the day it came out.

This segment of the market is really heating up.
it seems that everything is new, except the poor Corolla…

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  1. They do look better. It would be nice if Subaru would keep up with the optioning package of its competition as well, such as navy systems and backup cameras across the board, etc. They still restrict them to certain model/trans. combinations, which don't seem to make sense at all.

  2. Why must they torture us with Essence de Caliber? Other than that both cars look good and are a great nail in the coffin to the shortest generation run of the current Impreza.

  3. I see a Volvo S-60 roofline and a Mazda front fender. But hey… at least it isn't as anonymous or as quirky as other Subaru's.

    Kudo's on the reinterpretation of the Subaru grill. For once, the grill design not only fits the body, it's looks great. The same goes for the racer-boy rear. Nice.

    My concern is this: after seeing some of the gorgeous work done by Italdesign for VW, the new Imprezza (and some other brands) are suddenly not looking very new anymore because of all the curves. angles and add-ons.

    If Subaru implements this design theme, which they obviously will, they better be able to carry the theme over into their other products quickly or this will simply be another orphaned designed like the original Tribeca–which was ultimately massaged into an anonymous looking Chrysler product look-a-like (which is hardly a compliment.)

    Nevertheless, for Subaru, this is a design triumph.

  4. A polished top of line hood scooped WRX/STI is needed…minus the cheeky boy racer bits and sporting a tightly constructed and quality interior. Haunches and wheel arches work well unlike on the new Legacy. I suspect in usual Subie fashion…it will take 2 years or so for them to get the model just right after its introduced. Just hope they don't dress up the interior with more neon blue gauge displays and gimmicky logos…Impreza concept interior looks like it had potential.

  5. bottom one is a dodge caliber that has been killed. talk about not keeping up. C'mon Subabru its not 1988 any more

  6. These both look fantastic to me. I liked (and owned) the previous generation Impreza, but can't stand the looks of the current one. Assuming the new-gen look like this, let's hope the interior materials quality improves.

    If so, I'll definitely be in the market….

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