2012/13 Toyota RAV4

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Not sure exactly.
But this is supposed to be what the next RAV 4 will look like.
A giant leap from the current aging design. With even some small trace of the FT86 concept .

The next RAV4 will also get an EV version, thanks to the partnership with Tesla.
A hybrid is scheduled as well. Basically matching what Ford is doing.
And getting ready for that $5 a gallon coming up sooner or later….

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  1. That's not a Kia Sportage!? I guess we've reached the point where the Koreans are the ones being copied and not the other way around

  2. I think it's kinda hot. The RD-X is the ueber-turd of cute-utes IMO. Toyota seems to be slowly revealing a design turnaround lately. Good for them.

  3. Look better than a Kia.
    The koreans have been copying the Japanese cars for decades. The Japs might as well play them at their own game.

  4. Wow wow wow, what are you people talking about? Kia Sportage? Acura RDX? This BLOWS AWAY both of them in terms of styling. This has MUCH better proportions than the goofy Kia, and looks a lot more interesting than the Acura RDX.

    If this is indeed the next Rav 4, and if it will come with hybrid and EV versions, then Toyota has a HUGE hit on their hands.

    This along with the rumors about the next Camry design being very good-looking means trouble for the competition.

  5. Joe…..BINGO! The Sportage looks A-OK without rear quarter windows…but this is blind spot city part 2 (or 3 is you count in the xB). Why has this decade turned into "Incomplete Side Profile"? Sure, it has blind spot monitoring….but it can't possibly be cheaper than putting in a window where it obviously belongs.

  6. What ? It's so ugly. I prefer the 2011 ! The windshield curve is coming from a cartoon. The tail light are from the RDX and the wheels looks like a cheap cap.

  7. looks like a frankenstein concoction of at least 3 different cars – the front and rear fascia sort of go together…the greenhouse/doors is another vehicle and the backlight/spoiler still a third…if this comes out it will distract folks from talking about toyota's other issues

  8. Park this next to that 1960 Cadillac 4-dr Convertable and it would look even more like a clown car! LOL LOL!!

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