2013 Fiat Grande Punto

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The all new Grande Punto will use a new chassis and will be available as a 3 and 5 door version.

Not sure if we’ll get this in the US or not. Or maybe as a Dodge.
but the new chassis will be used for various Dodge and Chrysler small models in the US, at least.

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  1. hope that anonymous sketch is wrong
    the current GP (one of my favorites style-wise) is MUCH Better!

  2. I can easily see the Dodge grill inserted here…

    It would be nice to once again have a 3 door dodge available. Haven't had that since the days of the Shadow!

  3. The lower "grille" in the front fascia kind of looks like the grimace that the old Ninja Turtle action figures used to have.

    Overall the design doesn't differentiate itself enough from what FIAT currently offers. Releasing this would be like what Honda is set to do with the Civic.

  4. This looks ok.

    From what I read, this car is about 1 inch shorter than the Fit(which is a small car).

    Hope the new model increases in size a little.

    1 rumor I heard is that Jeep wants a CUV based on this vehicle?

    I don't know.

    I read the HP/engines for the current vehicle… and the engines, minus the Abarth version(163 HP, 0-62 in 7.9 seconds, iirc..) and another "large" engine… 135 HP, 0-60 in 8.5 seconds(iirc)… is way better than their smaller engines.

    Folks don't want 0-62 in 11 seconds these days… unless maybe the vehicle gets 60 MPG hwy.

    Make this the new "Neon"…. give it the 135 HP(for those that may want a little more "MPG"), and the 163 HP Abarth engine… keep it under 20K…. and maybe I would consider something like this(and make it a hatchback… instead of 2 door coupe).

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