2013 Lexus IS

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This is just an illustration, but does show an evolution of the current design.
Which is probably what the next IS will be.

Not words yet on the real thing. The current model came out in 2005.
Most of its competition has been redesigned since. Although I think it still looks pretty good.

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  1. Just a squinty eyed version of the current design. The bland grille is the same. Plus the addition of some horrible wheels. This is a sororitymobile.

  2. It has always been Civic sized to me, something that makes me happy about my TSX, it's larger than the IS 250 and my friends 02'C32 at work.

  3. That would be a great replacement.. for the 2002 Prius, maybe.. way too staid and backward for a 2012 Lexus.

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