2013 Saab 9-3

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This illustration is clearly inspired by the recent Saab Phoenix concept.
The concept ended up looking like a weird puzzle. With people trying to figure out what piece of it would end up in a production car.
This picture is trying to include some of the Phoenix design elements.

Not sure if it works.
The car’s butt seems like it is on fire.

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  1. Attractive design. However, driving a SAAB because in not part of the mainstream is no longer a strength. Let's see if it still sells cars in the US in 5 years from now.

  2. The reason Saab calls it Phoenix is because its tail lights and the new 9-3's look straight outta 1990s Pontiac …

  3. Nope… Jason Castriota (the PhoeniX designer) has already said definitely that while the themes on the front of the concept car will show up on the next 9-3, the rear of the concept (inspired by prior Sonnetts) will NOT show up on the production car so, nope, not close. Move on…

  4. The greenhouse looks like the exact resurrection of the previous gen 900/9^3…not good. Instead of saying "classic design" it says "same design discontinuous through time"

  5. It is good to see Saab going back to its 'roots'…… the hatchback !

    The back lights definatley need some more forethought……

  6. straight outta 1990s Pontiac …

    You may not realize it, but that's one h3ll of a compliment!

    Toyota, Honda, Kia, can't even seem to COPY the best of GM. Let alone go beyond it. And this is definitely there and beyond.


  7. I like it. However, I'm not sure why they even bother to offer a rear window. Between the slant, the wiper and the rear spoiler, you can't see anything at all out the back.

  8. Wow I did not think anyone had the nerve to make such an ugly car these days as it could kill a brand.

  9. Looks kinda big (or awfully low, depending on how you think). The taillight is a little 80s, but in a good way.

  10. Wow I did not think anyone had the nerve to make such an ugly car these days as it could kill a brand.

    The CRV didn't kill Honda.
    The Juke didn't kill Nissan.
    The Crosstour didn't kill Honda either.
    The fat, melted Camry didn't kill Toyota–not even with all the defects/recalls/deaths.

    SAAB will do just fine.
    Probably even grow–in a down market

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