Audi A3 concept

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Real pictures this time.
Let’s hope the production model doesn’t change too much. It’s hard to tell.
Besides the giant wheels, rear view mirrors and door handles, this could be production ready.

A good looking small sedan for sure. Which most people can’t seem to be able to do. (Like the Fiesta sedan)

We’ll see how it ends up…

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  1. Agree very nice looking, although the Germans need to find a way not to have every car 10-15K more than everyone else.

    Love the fiesta hatch, but you are right the sedan is oddly proportioned.

  2. Interesting front end evolution – not bad at all. But in the second image the lower side of the Audi reminds me of the C-class too much.

  3. Looking forward to seeing this evolve into a real car. I like this much better than than the B8 A4, which I think looks very generic unless it has the S4 wheel option.

    Especially if there is an RS version, I would consider this. But I do agree with the other comment, the interior does not look good enough to be an Audi. But it's all conceptual as of now.

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