Chevrolet Colorado Concept Truck

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The new Colorado pick up truck was just revealed at the Bangkok Auto Show.
As a concept.

One of these “Concepts” that end up being the production car.
As you can see, there are just a few concept bits.

GM seems more open than Ford to sell their new Compact Pick Up in the US.
So we might very well see versions of this over here sometime next year….

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  1. So, it's a Chevy Equinox pick up…not a bad thing at all. I think there is a market for this – and would do well.

  2. This is a great looking small pickup truck. I like these a lot. The current Colorado is HIDEOUS so this would be a welcom change. It could use some metal trim on the dash and instrument panel or something to kinda liven up the interior a bit. This would probably sell well if it was fuel efficient enough with gas prices going up and all. Hopefully they'll sell this in the USA. I wish Ford would consider selling their new Ranger here in the USA too but I don't think they're going to.

  3. Great looking exterior…elcheapo and ugly looking interior. Thought GM was getting it's game up. I was wrong.

  4. Exterior is typical GM Excellence. Interior, while better than Tundra or Ridgeline, is a long way from being up to Silverado/F150/Ram standards. Therefore I'm guessing the interior is not intended for North America.

  5. GM, get Bob Lutz back cracking the interior designer whip because the seats, plastics, etc. are horrendous!

  6. sold as Isuzu D max w/diesel motor in Thailand
    I hate clam shell rear doors. Have to keep reminding back passengers to close back first.

  7. How does anyone know the quality of the interior from one picture? You guys are silly. I would welcome this in America with open arms. Can it handle American truck tasks is the question.

  8. Hey Soul. This is Equinox based. So NO, it can't handle truck tasks in th traditional truck sense. Think of it as a modern car based ElCamino but many steps ahead.

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