Fiat 500 Convertible coming to New York

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Fiat will introduce the US version of the 500 CC next month at the New York Auto Show.
They claim it will go on sale shortly after.
I haven’t seen the coupe anywhere yet.

The CC version is not really a full convertible as it retains the sides of the car.
But as you can see, this is what the original was like too.

Except now, the top is electric.

Another fun car in our streets.

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  1. Does anyone else think these Fiat cars in the US will bomb?

    It's not just the product, product catagory, or even the Brand that ultimately decides a products fate. Its the execution of the marketing. And that's impossible to tell from looking at the product. That's why Dusenburg is Dead & Toyota Triumphs. Why makers of the finest high-quality products go bust while those with the least desireable products sell billions & make millions. (Think McDonalds healthy, high-quality BigMac Heart-Attack meals).
    Product is not the issue for Chrysler/FIAT. Marketing/PR/perception is EVERYTHING. And that's impossible to judge by looking at the vehicles.

  2. You really need to check out one of the new Fiat Dealerships. It's an impressive start and clear that they know what they are doing, marketing-wise. Fiat is spending the money to do it right…This is not a warmed-over domestic car marketing effort. Think Mini-style approach.

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