Infiniti Ethera cocnept

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A pure concept.
So who knows what the production model will look like when it comes out next year.
But Infiniti is working on an A3 competitor.

The concept is powered by a 245hp Hybrid powertrain.

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  1. All jokes about the name aside, it is nice to see an original new sedan design. I like alot of the elements going on here, I'd like to see many of them reach production. I especially love the front end.

  2. I see a lot of potential in the truly new and unique design elements of this car. But, taken as a whole, Infiniti still has some work to do. Kudo's, however, for breaking with tradition. I just hope Infiniti doesn't do what Nissan has done–going for quirky designs that will fade quickly into yesterday's fad.

  3. Looks sleepy. I'm not diggin' the c-pillar. Or any of it really. With the exception of the G and the FX, Infiniti can't really seem to pull it together.

  4. I don't understand why they can't make a hybrid that looks like a normal G37 or like one of their more normal cars. I get that hybrids have to look a bit different due to aerodynamics but most hybrids (including this one) are so unattractive. And what is it with the weird zig-zag design in the back window?

  5. "if Steven Jobs and Apple made a car…this would be it!"

    Other than it being white, I seriously doubt that. It's looks are too garish and aren't purposeful enough. I was thinking that this is the car Homer Simpson would build.

  6. Oscar Mayer has the Weiner Mobile, maybe Phillsbury should sponsor this as the "Dough Boy's" ride. Just don't poke him in the middle.

  7. I don't really like the "smiley face" front end and the C-pillar treatment is simply bizarre. Infiniti can design some really attractive vehicles, but this isn't one of them.

  8. Exterior is a bit strange to say the least but the interior is nice; crisp and white and the blue funky LED backlit gauges and displays look good. So I guess my favorite part about the car is the interior. Exterior I dunno; it's a bit different.

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