Kia K9

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Just another picture of the upcoming big Kia.
Shaping up to be quite a good looking car.

I just wonder what happened to K7/Costanza in the US.

Maybe they figured they don’t really need anything larger than the new Optima over here.
That would probably mean no K9 for us either….

We’ll see…

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  1. you knew it was coming….K9 indeed, what a dog. I would never spend real money on a Kia or Hoonday, same company. Good cars like Nissan and Mazda have cars priced like these Korean duds. Get a real car.

  2. So the Cadenza has gone the way of the Portico… Not really going to be missed….the Azera needs all the help it can get let alone from it's own platform mate(s).

  3. Honestly this might sound snobbish, but if they dropped Kia and invented a new lux brand, it would be great.

  4. "Shaping up to be quite a good looking car."

    For what I know that picture there could be a Toyota Avalon

  5. Name one "Lux Brand" that is profitable. It is stupid to throw money at luxury brands or youth brands (Scion) because thy will always go broke as all much-cheaper cars are becoming more luxurious with every refresh.

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