Mazda Minagi Concept

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Pretty much what we’ll see later as the CX-5.

A nice looking compact SUV, but not better than some, like the Sportage.

Plus, it will be toned down a bit.

We’ll see…

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  1. not better than the sportage? are you crazy?!?!

    this thing is miles ahead in style and sophistication AND sportiness!

  2. New design direction for Mazda? Hmmm… I don't think so.

    The roofline looks alot like the current Infiniti EX, the back looks alot like the original Infiniti FX, and the blunt front profile (and the positioning of the windshield in profile) looks like anything Infiniti.

    For Mazda, however, this is an upgrade. But, it's hardly original. Yet, all is (almost) forgiven if they rid of the so-called smiley-faced grills that now make even a Miata look like a bad imitation of itself.

    It begs the question: What does Mazda stand for? Luxury, no. Sporty, kinda-sorta. Economical, no. Inexpensive, yes with deep dealer discounts. Hyundai and Kia re-invented themselves overnight. As for Mazda, we're still waiting.

  3. Looks good. And it looks like it could reasonably be produced without much change. This looks a lot better than the sportage, but we'll have to see it in production form to be sure.

  4. If this is being released before – technically the Vertrek is a rebadged CX5 🙂 just sayin'

    I really like the look of this thing, the interior is awesome. I think it's going to arrive largely unchanged – kinda like how the CX7 was largely unchanged from it's concept.

    Tack on 40MPG – hot damn – I'm sold…I'll just give Mazda my wallet now 🙂

  5. Subaru Legacy hatch, Infinti EX and Mazda CX-5 hint greenhouse. I'd say the Sportage is more stylish. I just get the feeling saying the CX-5 is more stylish than the Sportage is like saying the Legacy hatch is also more stylish.

  6. "jtz said…
    It's alright for a rebadged Infinti EX.

    March 2, 2011 7:27 AM"

    What the hell are you talking about?

    I don't see that anywhere as the EX is hideous and its sales PROVE that. That vehicle is a true flop.

  7. Oh you don't see the Infinti EX and Subaru Legacy hatch in this? OH that's so sad, let me give you my eye docotor's card.

  8. "jtz said…
    Oh you don't see the Infinti EX and Subaru Legacy hatch in this? OH that's so sad, let me give you my eye docotor's card.

    March 3, 2011 9:00 AM"

    There is no Legacy hatch, you moron.

    "Dumb People Be saved said…
    love the Infiniti EX, it's my all time favorite quality car. I see that Mazda agrees.

    March 3, 2011 10:37 AM"

    Yeah, okay jtz.

  9. I think the Sportage looks great, but I think this looks even better. Mazda appears to be getting its design mojo back.

  10. it will be the CX-5 it will get 46 miles to the gallon with the sky technology, which will probably blow awy anything else in the segment AND in year two it will get the SKY DIesel engine which will get 56 mpg.
    sign me up!

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