New VW Polo for China

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I weird model I have never seen before.
It seems to be exclusive to the Chinese market.

This “New Polo” doesn’t seem to be related to the much better looking European model.
It looks a bit like a shrunken version of the previous VW Jetta.

This is the European model of the Polo sedan.
Which , actually, would make a nice addition to the US lineup as well.
Right under the new $16 000 Jetta.
Why not….

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  1. Toyota is building VW's now? Looks like a Corolla turned Polo. This goes into the whatever file of the chinese car market.

  2. Ah looks like the Polo Vivo from South Afrika. The old Polo 9N3 Sedan with new bumpers and a new grille.

    A Brazil built Sedan(in 9N) form was sold in Germany for a few years but after disappointing sales the sedan bodystyle was withdrawn from the German market.

  3. That's the previous generation sedan, built in Brazil and South Africa. It's been on sale since 2003.

  4. So far there is no European notchback version of the Polo. This is just an illustration. It is doubtful there will ever be one.

  5. VW should have left the Jetta priced as it was before, and brought over the Polo with a sedan to compete in the cheaper price bracket. That would work towards their goal of more sales more so than diluting (and thus being flamed for it's dropping of quality) of current models.

  6. don't all these new Volkswagons look like they are cars from the 90's? The style is simplistic, basic and non current. What is the concept or thinking behind such a mundane looking lineup? This , from a company that designed the gorgeous CC a few years back. Something is up….looks like internal sabotage to me.

  7. Most german automakers seem to be making more conservative designs – they just make the head lights more interesting with LED's.

    A lot of the automakers worldwide seem to be cheapening their cars. Maybe because of the recession or smaller profit margins. Or to compete in dirty cheap China?

  8. That is indeed a revised version of the previous generation Polo Classic, sold locally (South Africa) as the Polo Vivo sedan. A hatch version is also available. See for more.

    Polo Vivo is currently the best selling passenger vehicle in South Africa, despite pricing and spec not being particularly competitive. Local competitors are amongst others Ford Figo and Renault Logan/Sandero.

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