Saab Phoenix Concept

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Well, this is NOT the next 9-3.
That’s for sure.

I was hoping we’d get a clearer message from Saab, as to their new design direction. This is pretty messy.
And could be a bunch of other things, not just a Saab.

We’ll see what parts, if any, actually translate into a production model later….

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  1. I have to say, this is a bit disappointing and not very Saab (as in clean and modern Scandanavian design). I have to say I liked prior Saab concepts during the GM ownership a lot more..

  2. This flaptacular, engorged maxi-pad of a car is obviously the handiwork of the clueless new Prince of Saab's design dept.

  3. What's the point? This just makes Saab look clueless and out of touch with the marketplace, and for a company in Saab's position, that is not a good thing.

  4. I think it's interesting in a good way.

    Really want to see how they adapt this theme to a "real" car…

    …and the interior;

  5. Yikes, this is supposed to be better than the Aero X? As a current Saab owner and brand-lover, I can only hope they take some pruning shears to this thing and dial back some of the silliness before they make it into the 9-3 replacement. So much for "Scandinavian Design Simplicity"…

  6. While I think this is way too busy, and doesn't loom great all together they are heading in a better direction. Probably just throwing a bunch of ideas and seeing what sticks

  7. I agree. I would have preferred to see a concept of an upcoming production vehicle or something that clearly defines the brand's future design direction. This concept doesn't really impress me.

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