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  1. It looks like a Clown car. What is going on with Nissan's designs lately? It's hard to pick a winner for the "Weirdest Looking Vehicle" award between this, the Cube and the Juke. Between these and the stagnant designs from Toyota and Honda (and the ridiculous smiling bumper motif from Mazda), it would appear that "Something is rotten in Tokyo."

  2. wow, vince you should get one. as a car blogger leader, you driving electric says gobs for your credibility…i think. It's cool as can be baby!

  3. We have BOTH the LEAF and the Volt, and I agree that the LEAF is not particularly good looking, especially from the rearview. At least the front, with the "bug eyes" is a bit distinctive. In the mild Sacramento area we are getting around a true 80+ miles of actual driving range with the LEAF.

    In the two weeks we have had the LEAF, we have seen only a couple of times that others even noticed that it was something different. On the other hand, almost every time we are out in the Volt, it draws positive comments and notice. We are regularly getting between 37-41 electrical drive miles on a charge with the Volt and our 2100+ miles of total driving has produced an overall mpg=107.

  4. Is there a law that says alternative powered vehicles MUST be ugly??

    Prius … ugly.
    Leaf… even uglier.

    The Volt isn't bad, though (IMO).

  5. Unless there are batteries in the back fenders then the retarded child who designed this needs to be sent back to his sandbox.

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