Toyota FT-6=86 Concept part 2

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This is supposed to be pretty much the production car we’ll see later this year.
Except for all the ugly overdone tuner bits.

Under all the skirts, spoilers and general vulgarity, there might actually be a nice looking car.

We;ll see when the real thing comes out….

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  1. Toyota/Lexus continues to prove they have nothing new in their design language. This "new" car looks instantly old–with a Scion tC roof pasted on.

    I hope it drives like snot, because that is a good description of how it looks.

  2. well well well, i see toyota is finally finding their way away from ugly, boring troublesome cars….not! What a disaster in the making. Yuk!

  3. So the Scion TC fits the same demographic target, will be 3-4K cheaper and also has ~180 to 200 HP. Besides the RWD, I am not sure what the target will be. It won't have the guts to compete with the Nissan Z, RX-8 or other sport RWD offerings from other Japanese imports. Agreed it has some nice angles minus the boy racer theme…but not sure this is really going to be a "performance" statement that a somewhat ailing Toyota needs.

  4. It looks like a cross between the Infiniti G and Genesis coupes. The nose looks overdone. Almost cheesy.

  5. Were really still in concept form? Toyota needs to pick a design theme and stick w it. And whatsup w the rear quarter window shape? Scion?

  6. It looks like it was designed by three different commitees, one for the front, one the side, and one the back. The front group knows what they were doing, the side was the group that Hyundai fired, and the back used to work for Mitsubishi. The result is hodgepodge.

  7. If there might be a nice looking car underneath, it is well hidden. I agree with most people here, who tend to say that this is one boring design.

  8. Looks aside, I think this might be an extremely significant car. Judging by the rear-biased proportions, the low-mass wheels, stance and the fact that the greenhouse looks like it doesn't compromise on headroom- It could be a game-changer.

  9. Really bland and boring. Hyundai's Genesis coupe looks much better than this. Not really exciting at all.

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