Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

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This is still called a concept.
Based on the all new 2012 Yaris, it looks pretty good. Especially with these large 18 inch wheels, which Toyota will never use on a production Hybrid.
It will compete with the new Honda Fit hybrid around the world.
No word yet if we are getting this in the US as part of the new Yaris lineup for 2012…

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  1. Any word on if those silly center dash gauges remain? Please send the Fit and Yaris hybrids to North America!

  2. I like this. I agree Toyota wont use 18 inch wheels on this. Have you driven any small car with 18 inch wheels? Not good.

  3. Just like the nasty FT following this post, Toyota seems to enjoy creating bland, boring cars with ghetto wheels. Then capping the front and rear end with stupid looking plastic.

  4. This car is a good idea with terrible execution. The wheels are silly, but they won't put such big ones on anyway. The front end hangs too low to the ground, so you'll be scraping it whenever you pull into a driveway. The C pillar is too thick, and there should be more window area in the rear doors. A little more cargo capacity would be much appreciated. And yes, please no center gauges – keep them normal, simple, and directly in front of the driver.

  5. This model (non-hybrid version) has already been released in Japan. The new Yaris eliminated the center gauges. . . a shame IMO. If you've ever owned a car with this set up, once you get accustomed to it, it's far better. It's much easier to see the gauges without taking your focus off the road and it opens up dash space for an extra glove box.

    People complained when cars started coming with ABS and seatbelts too… but as soon as it started to save lives, people stopped complaining.

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