VW Bulli Concept approved for production

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This seems to be the latest rumor, at least.

We don’t know what it would be based on, yet. At first glance, it looks like a minivan version of the up.
But I have another theory.

I think it will use the new Jetta platform. Which is also the base for the new Passat and 2012 Beetle.
As a matter of fact, even the wheels on the Bulli look like the one I saw on the 2012 Beetle last year.

It would make a lot of sense. The platform is engineered to be relatively inexpensive for VW to produce.
And they could add it to their Mexican facility.

So in a couple of years, I might actually be able to drive up to Malibu, and tale the same picture with a production model.

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  1. I wouldn't touch a Mexican made VW with a 10-foot pool. Heck, not even the German made VWs are that great

  2. I think they have the charter and style to be a Mini beater. Just add performance and offer a highly simplified TDI base model in the spirit of the Peoples Car VW Beetle.

  3. styled like a VW microbus makes you think minivan; but this is way too tiny to replace the Routan. Certainly better looking than the mini bread-boxes from Scion or Kia.

  4. As long as it's more like a car and less like the whale-like Toyota/Honda/Chrylser minivan, then I would seriously consider this. I hope that they keep the fun-factor high, and don't dumb down the design to appeal to pear-shaped suburban mommies.

  5. nice stuff, I will get this or the cube . The toyota scion stuff scares me ( safety ???) I will not touch kia. But I would buy a kia if the only options out there were toyota or kia.

  6. committed said…
    nice stuff, I will get this or the cube . The toyota scion stuff scares me ( safety ???) I will not touch kia. But I would buy a kia if the only options out there were toyota or kia.

    March 14, 2011 7:27 AM

    Do you read the news?

    Do you watch the tv news?

    Have you watched/read the news in about the past 6 weeks?

    Toyota was vindicated by NASA, and the U.S. govt(basically), of "runaway" cars.

    We have a Scion tC. 2005 model, purchased in Sept. 2004.

    Great little vehicle. 150,000+ miles.

    1 fender bender… other driver's fault, 4 years ago.

    I'm still posting, aren't I?

    That's your answer about "safety".

    If you trust a Kia over a Toyota.. good luck.
    I have had 2 Hyundai's..( '01 Tiburon, and an '05 Sonata).
    The brakes needed replaced(they couldn't even turn the rotors… at 47,000 miles/3 years of ownership)… nearly 900 dollars at the time. Never had a car like that..where the rotors couldn't be turned.. even our 1990 Sentra XE, at nearly 234,000 miles… never had this problem with brakes(rotors were turned… but never had to replace the whole set-up).

    BTW. Hyundai had a recall for the New Sonata… steering wheel could become disconnected… means you lose steering(yet people ignore this.. and still praise Hyundai, while Toyota was vindicated as being safe… and people still won't acknowledge this. It's backwards).
    — As for this vehicle in the article:
    ( this is about the VW.)

    If VW would get their quality to be on par of Ford…. or maybe even Chevy…. I would maybe consider this.

    I read on another site that this will be an Electric Vehicle(150 miles range?).
    Nothing was said about a gasoline engined version.

    Who knows.

    It does look a little more interesting than the xB( and since the xB has their guages over by the radio/center of the dash.. that = no sale to me).

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