VW Bulli Concept

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Basically a modern version of the cool Microbus concept from 2001 that VW never had the guts to build.
Instead we have now a Chrysler Minivan with a VW logo on it…

The new Concept is smaller too, closer to the original . It is powered by an electric motor good for 186 miles on a charge.
VW claims it can be fully charged within an hour. Not sure how… But it does sound pretty good.

Let’s hope this gets a chance to be produced, electric or not. VW does need some original designs…

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  1. This looks more like the size of a Scion xB, not the original microbus. It needs to have 3 rows plus cargo room. The 2001 Concept was awesome as designed. That's what VW needs to bring out!

  2. My wife would kill for this. She loved the original concept. I thought it was kinda cool. She hated that VW wouldn't build it. Now they do this concept BS again. They had better get off their asses and build it. And it had damn well better have a GAS ENGINE.

  3. Probably the best concept in Geneva. They should build it and – PLEASE keep the bench seat. Most cars today are just more or less ugly toys but this one is practical and emotional. A rare thing in todays auto world.

  4. I agree, the Scion xB-sizing is a major let-down. Nevertheless, this van, uh, er, this tall and narrow car is totally unique compared to anything in any market (at least with the two-color paint treatment.)

    Now, blow it up by 30% and everyone will be able to actually see it on the road and in the parking lot. The design is so simple, elegant–yet radical–I hope VW makes a fortune if they decide to actually build it.

    P.S. Bulli??? I don't think so.

  5. Bullshi* is probably a better name for this atrocity. Take a few styling cues from the iconic Microbus concept, then totally bastardize them by slapping them on a xB bodyshell, riding on a disappointingly tiny Up! or Polo platform. If anything, they should have just upsized these cues and reworked the Routan exterior instead. The only thing stupider than purchasing a New New Beetle would be purchasing this Scion ripoff.

  6. One thing I do like about this is the bench seat up front. I am on my fourth mini-van and I don't understand why someone hasn't done this sooner. When you have the back loaded up, you can only fit 2 in the front. Unfortunately I would not by a Volkswagen to get this feature. But maybe a manufacturer who produces dependable cars that are not a fortune to maintain will copy the idea and I can get one of those.

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