What am I driving this week?

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  1. Lancer, Outlanders or what I know as the ASX but you guys know as the Outlander Sport. The latter makes most sense as it's by far the newest but I could be wrong of course!

  2. x2 for Lancer

    Looks like a Mazda head unit, but not in the same config (CD slot is above the buttons on the Mazda)

  3. Outlander sport!!!!! I have one wit premium packagae and it drives great! First 30 miles is kinna loud but other than that this vehicle has alot of standard feautre than the competion.

  4. A garbage Mitsubishi product.

    It is surprising that they haven't pulled out of the US market yet. They don't produce a single competitive vehicle.

    Vince, play close attention to some of the fit and finish issues and cheap switchgear. There is a reason why Mitsubishi's owner satisfaction ratings are at the very bottom.

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