2011 Jaguar XF

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Subtle changes, but it does make it better.
And closer to the original concept from a few years ago.

Small changes inside include a new steering wheel and other details.

There is now a new 2.2 Liter diesel engine with 188hp available.
Although that probably won’t be making the trip over to the US anytime soon….

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  1. I wish they had done something with the tail lights. They just don't look like they belong on a Jag. I actually like Volvo the Lincoln MKS bettet than this.

  2. vince, somewhere on jalopnik a reader thinks the 2.2 is not powerful enough to move this car to 140MPH, but i wonder how many ppl go at 140 all the time!

  3. Headlight fix? Check. Black pillar delete? Check. Tail lamps that befit a modern luxury automobile? Um, no.

  4. Vince, this is not a subtle changes. Now the XF look exactly like the XJ from the front and I think it's a good thing. And for the last Anonymous, they not delete the black pillar. People are confused between XJ and XF….

  5. The XF never had the black pillar issue…thats the XJ.

    But who knew that two little pieces of red plastic under the chrome bar would work to no longer allow the Chrysler 200's rear to say "ME TOOOO!!!"

  6. oooooooh I think I know why. you titled this the 2012 XF but its actually the XFR (the red one that is). the white one is the regular XF. I like the regular XF better but as someone above posted, the tail-lights and/or rear-end could use some improvement.

  7. Jag gets an A+++ for styling & execution. Unfortunately quality has been sliding fast since Ford sold it to the Indians. My friend bought (an FX), said he loved it, then sold it solely because of the quality glitches. (Bought another brand). In fact, the only car that's given him more grief was a Lexus LS460 (which he traded after s few months)

  8. Vince, this winter coming, I know we are just getting out of winter…blah, I will be ordering a Maserati Granturismo in Canada. Should I consider a Jag coupe or an Aston Martin? The Maserati is my Favorite #1 Pick , but I must be 100%

  9. yes I agree with the comment above in regards to Lexus quality being poor. I owned the same model and found it to be exceedingly disappointing. I have the new InfinitiM now and really love it. I feel that it is a better built automobile all a round. I would not buy a Jag from the same people that build the disposable Tata Nano.

  10. hey J, If you are able to swing ordering a Maserati…..do it! Lifes too short. You would be an idiot if you were a car enthusiast with the means to swing owning a Maserati and then not getting one. DO IT!

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