2012 BMW 3 series

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Yet another illustration.
We might see a few more before the real thing comes out.

It does look very realistic. Blending the current 3 and the new 5. Which is pretty much what it’ll turn out to be.
Let’s hope the coupe doesn’t look like a small version of the new 6 series.

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  1. I feel the same way about current BMW's as I do with Audi sedans, they only look exciting when you get the sport appearance options. Wheels, front valance, lighting. Without these sporty bits, the car looks as anonymous as a Camry or Sonata. Looking forward to seeing the new 3 in person.

  2. Do I have to keep sayin' it? If you haven't driven one, then you have no idea how good they really are. AND THEY ARE!!!!
    It's the engineering, stupid!

  3. "It's the engineering, stupid!"

    No one's driven it. It is just an illustration, so that's what people are commenting on. Yes, BMWs are generally really really good cars. No question there.

  4. they might be good cars to drive, but wtf is up with the new designs, i like 7 but the 5 looks dumb and doesnt look as good as the new a6 or E, i will dare to say the saab 9-5 looks better than the 5.

  5. You are crazy. The new E looks awful and the A6 is just another fat looking Audi sedan with a monstrous grille. The 5 Series is much more elegant and athletic than those two turds

  6. Not a hint of the Bangel influence

    In fact, not a hint of ANY influence

    Generic. Geriatric.

    I assume it handles well; but so does Dodge's Caliber SRT (for $10k Less). Style DOES matter! (And this just doesn't have it)

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