2012 Chevrolet Malibu

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From the Shanghai Auto Show.

This gives us a better idea of what the car will actually look like in the streets I think.

The first thing I noticed was how subtle the rear lights are. They don’t seem to stick out as much as on the GM pictures.
Or maybe the Chinese market is getting a slightly different version (?)…

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  1. I think this car looks great. I even like the color. I hope that beat up left seat bolster on the driver-side seat is'nt an indication of a problem with it.

  2. The taillamps are different from the American Version. On the Chinese version the reverse lights are at the bottom portion of the taillamps. On the american version the taillamps have the reverse lights in the center like a square inside a square. The size of the American taillamps are also slightly larger.

  3. A shock to even myself, I'm becoming a real domestic car fan (Ford and GM) . The interior color combo isn't my favorite, but I like what I've seen so far in GM's recent interiors. I did lament the loss of the Malibu's subtly elegant exterior, until I remembered Chevy's working on a new Impala. So making this smaller and sportier, and the Impala more refined is just fine with me. Good ext color here too. – cant say that of recent Honda offerings who are getting so cheap in every respect including color options. Compare it to a Honda? LOL I'll take this instead. Honda CEO's Fukui and Ito have killed a great car company! They're following Toyota right into the gutter. I hope they rot !

  4. Yes… The tail lights here are different than the LED units for the US model.

    Still a very handsome family car.

  5. The tail lamps look good. And thank heavens that there is an option to delete the faux woodgrain. Fantastic job Chevy! Ooopes "Chevrolet" I meant.

  6. Correction. Those will be the American tail lights for as well. The LEDS will be for the LTZ….like the current one.

  7. The cars are looking like beauty of roads but here the models in this post are making this post so attractive.

  8. why do they have to put the "high-mounted" brake light in the deck..?? I know the wiring is probably cheaper… but it makes the styling messy… and the whole point of the extra brake light is to be as high as possible to see through cars ahead.

    It looks so much better up by the roof.

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