2012 Jaguar XF

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It seems like a minor “facelift” but I think it does improve things a lot.
Now it just seems to look more normal.
What it should have been in the first place. And even a bit more upscale.

There are rumors of the diesel version coming to the US. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.
I think they should sell us a V6 model first.
Which would drop the price a bit.

This is the current model. With its odd headlights….

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  1. Amazing….good job for them doing something that should have been done in the first place! But it does look much better. So, what'd they do with the rear end?

  2. I may be in the minority, but I like the previous headlamp treatment better. To me it looked more distinctive and Jaguaresque….now it looks like what everyone else does.

  3. Vince, any word on the silly black-out pillar treatment? Still there?

    The new headlights (finally) allow the distinctive grill to stand out.

  4. "Normal" is fine for the huddled masses; for Fusions, Camrys, Accorda, Subarus, Sebrings, Hyundais & Impalas. But for a luxury mark–it's the kiss of death. People buy Jags & SAABs & Range Rovers & Escalades & Porsches to stand APART from the crowd. To be distinctive. Classy. Unique. Making the XF look more like a generic Acura is a mistake. (Unless they drop the price 10 grand and aim for a less discerning clientel.)

  5. The current version is a bit dissapointing up front compared to the concept. The facelift appears to give it the look it always deserved.

  6. The previous headlamp design did look like what everyone else was doing…but 10 years ago. Looked like old Chrysler 300 headlamps…but UPSIDE DOWN. Goofy.

    Looks much better now.

  7. A million times better. The previous headlight looked like there was some sort of govt regulation that made jaguar do it. I dont believe much else need to be done in the rear. In my opinion the only other places that needed some work were the interior, and the Lexus GS side view

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