2012 Kia Rio sedan???

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Maybe. It does look, at first, like it could be the sedan version of the all new Rio Hatchback unveiled just a few weeks ago.
But when you do take a second look at the hatchback, the sedan design doesn’t match it. At all.
Even the interiors are pretty much all different. So what is it???

Here are 2 pictures of the new 2012 Rio Hatchback.
As you can see, the sedan isn’t this car with a trunk.
Why would they design an all new car?

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  1. They may be trying to create a new identity with the Rio sedan.. It seems to mimic the Optima's exterior styling. They could rename the sedan Minima! lol!

  2. Obviously the Rio Sedan will offer a quite different design than the hatch version what suggests that the sedan won't be sold in Europe as they're not too into mini sedans over here. Especially in Germany…too bad I love it:((

  3. What else is strange is the interior of the hatch looks a lot more upscale than that mysterious Kia sedan as well. Two different designs……. Maybe it's a Hybrid and not a Rio sedan. And Kia cheapened the interior to keep the price low.

  4. The hatch back is hands down cool looking. Proportions are great. I'm sure the one showed is probably fully loaded but none the less on par with the gti

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