2012 Kia Rio sedan

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I am really not a fan of small sedans.
But if you are going to add a trunk to a hatchback design, this is how it should be done.
Unlike the poor Fiesta sedan.

Another really good design from Kia and Peter Schreyer.

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  1. kia and hyundai just keep coming out with great vehicles the past 2 years…i think this rio is a huge improvement…nice looking, looks well built, has plenty of power for it's size…and you can load it up like a mid size vehicle with all these options. And very importantly..cheaply priced! sooo many good cars and suvs too choose from…i think car buyers lately are so lucky to pick and choose from so many well made vehicles.

  2. Huh…I seem to be in the minority. To me this looks really strange. Nothing seems to flow. The back, front and profile all look welded together from separate cars. Optima is beautiful though.

  3. The front is a little too Hello Kitty. The side is like a Jetta with wheels from an early 2000s S4. The rear could be a Mazda, or a Mitsubishi, or just about anything.Even though it's better than a Corolla, its still really bland.

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