2012 Kia Soul

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Just a few changes most people won’t notice. Which is good. The Soul still looks great and they didn’t ruin it.

It gets a bit more power, but the main change is the availability of 6 speed transmissions, manual or automatic.
Which should be great news for fuel economy.

I also see a Navigation system in the new interior. More good news.

This is the current model.

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  1. Okay, the Soul is not the greatest car in terms of ride, performance, etc… but, you still gotta love it's attitude.

    Like a Beetle, it's looks will wear well for a very long time. It's orginal, funky, fun and still practical. Most vehicles can't claim that.

  2. I am not a fan of Kia. Not one bit. But I do like the style of the Soul. It's funky and a welcome sight after looking at the tragic Versa above.

  3. Nice updates to an already original vehicle.

    There is a reason why Kia sells a ton of these, they are funky with great attitude, they have been proven to be reliable, and they are affordable.

  4. I was always wondering how they were going to refresh those tail lights. Definitely better than anything that I came up with!

    The only thing that scares me is how/what they are going to do for the second generation. Since this refresh is only after 2 years on the market, I'm sure this will only last for 2 years as well.

  5. LOL @ the tissues comment! I have been considering a Soul as my daily driver, mainly due to the level of standard equipment you get on the lower models.. the new engines and transmissions for 2012will likely make me wait a few more months!

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