2012 new Audi Q3

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Looking exactly like all the illustrations we’ve seen of it for the past 58 years.

But still nice. The q5 seems to be pretty popular, and I’m sure this smaller and cheaper version will be aven more of a hit.
Competing with the BMW X1 mostly.

it is based on the VW Tiguan, but isn’t as roomy. The Q5 starts at about $35 000 in the US.
So I guess this could be at around $30 000.

We’ll see…

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  1. Nice! I like the profile of this a lot better than the Q5 (which is still nice but too conservative for my tastes) Good job Audi. However this seems as if would compete better against the X3 versus the X1, and the MB GLK.

  2. Notice what we are seeing here w this, the a6 a7 and a8 is the evolution of the Audi grille. Other then that the int is a little more interesting then the q5. The rear end is bad. The way the rear glass leans in, almost forms a shelf. Kind of similar to the a1. I'd take the tiguan

  3. I don't see the point of this car. A tiny mini-SUV. Awkward proportions, poor gas mileage, little utility, doubtful reliability.

  4. I had to google some images of the Q5 and compare them closely to find the differences between these cars (Then again, that's what happens with the BMW X1 and X3 too, so par for the course I guess). Audi designers are very clever in that they have found a way to do their work with the minimum effort: they have like three basic shapes, and all they do is stretch them or shrink them in the computer and voil√°, new model.

  5. LOL, 58 years… Yes pretty conservative as expected:-).

    I don't think Q3 will be sold in the US. I remember Audi saying that in autonews interview but you never know if they change their mind.

  6. Ridiculus! If they make it any smaller they sell it to kids under the "Hot Wheels" Brand as a peddle car!

  7. I like it and I'm glad that Audi is exploring the addition of other vehicle configurations. I suppose that some people would be happy if nothing ever changed. That said, I really like the Q5 and am considering one. Any smaller is really too small for my needs.

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