2012 Nissan Versa

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Here it is.
No need to wait for the New York Auto Show.

Not sure yet about what engine it’ll use, but some market will be getting the 106 Liter Turbo from the Juke.
We’ll see if Nissan offers it in the US or not.

A much better looking car than the 80’s looking current model.
Could be quite a nice small car.

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  1. Awesome. A 106 Liter engine!
    That's almost 28 gallons!

    Which makes for a 6,468 cubic inch 4 cylinder engine!

    This Versa is gonna be a damned fast gas hog.

  2. very very attractive. I think it will be a low cost alternative to the mazda3 which sells well. A real winner, a home run Nissan. Well done.

  3. Hyundai and Ford have made "new" small car designs from Honda, Subaru, VW, Toyota, Nissan, etc. look like older models even before they start the assembly line.

    Even if buyers added body kits, low profile tires, larger wheels, blackened windows and a little bling, the new Versa, Civic, Imprezza, etc. would look like grandma's car compared to the innovative designs we see from Hyundai and Ford.

    If a 57-year old like me is bored with these cars, I can imagine the reaction of the intended [i.e. younger] target markets.

  4. So is this the new Lexus hatchback or the new Nissan? I hear gas mileage is similar but the Nissan is safer and MUCH less expensive when it comes to required maintanance. And you don't have to buy a new $5000-$7500 Hybrid battery after 4-6 years. Nor do you have the problem of trying to SELL a 4-6 year old Hybrid with a battery thats at the end of its life and guaranteed to turn the persone you unload it on into your worst enemy (1-18 months after you sell it)

    BTW, Thanks, vince, for cleaning up the ads on this site.

  5. "Anonymous said…
    very very attractive. I think it will be a low cost alternative to the mazda3 which sells well. A real winner, a home run Nissan. Well done.

    April 6, 2011 5:59 PM"

    The Versa doesn't compete with the Mazda3.

    The Versa is a B-segment vehicle, its Mazda equivalent would be the Mazda 2 which I'd still take over this.

    Don't call it a home run yet, especially if Nissan hasn't improved the reliability which is abysmal in the current model according to TrueDelta and Consumer Reports. Only the Aveo is less reliable.

  6. Looks much better than the dorky looking current version. It also looks much better than the atrocious looking new Sunny. If the front end of this car represents the new "face" of Nissan, then I have a lot of faith in Nissan's future designs. This new front end treatment is very attractive.

  7. The next versa will be a full fledged c segment car. The b segment for nissan will be the march and sunny. Much much better looking than the current. I want one.

  8. Very nice and not overwrought (like Mazda's 3)and not ugly (like Toyota's Yaris) and not mouse-like (like Honda's Fit), just a clean mature design. Way to go Nissan!

  9. Does Nissan and Mazda sleep in the bed togather now? I mean think about it. The CX-5 is a copy of Nissan's EX and the new Versa is a copy of the Mazda 3.

  10. Yes Nissan and Mazda do sleep together. Also whoever doesn't like this is trying to be belligerent. It's gorgeous.

  11. This design may not be radical as the koreans but it will age well. Radical designs look good only for a while then gets tiring afterwards.

  12. It has longevity just like the altima. Cars like the sonata and the new kia sister vehicle look nice for 6 months to a year. Then they get to the aging process quickly. Nissan designs seem to age very well. I currently have a honda fit, but will certainly look at this next.

  13. hi Vince, well done in getting these spy shots. I am a huge nissan fan and loooove when you bring us this stuff. Thanks!

  14. I agree its not flashy. But that's ok. As long as its a good performer and has decent content for this segment, it will do well. Those wanting a little more flash can choose a different color and add some options that will personalize and hopefully add more personality. Remember – these are small very inexpensive cars (that are having to have more and more stuff on em for the price.

  15. The 2012 Versa Sedan will be manufactured at Nissan's Aguascalientes, Mexico assembly plant that also builds Nissan Sentra models for the United States market." = poor quality

  16. Regarding reliability, I appreciate you referencing TrueDelta, but please get your facts right. The Versa certainly hasn't been a reliability star, but it's nowhere near the worst. For every model year that has sufficient numbers, it's been on left side of the dial, and comparing it to competing vehicles, it's more reliable than the Mazda 3, as well as the Golf, GTI, or Rabbit. It's also very close to the Elantra, though that varies a lot based on model year, and isn't too far behind the Corolla. The Yaris and Fit leave everything else in the dust, however.

    Now, on to this current design. I have to say I like it as a replacement for the current design, but it does remind me that the current design debuted in the form of the Sport Concept:

    Which was just awesome, and now I'm sad Nissan never actually made one for sale from the current design.

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