2012 Nissan Versa

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Caught during a photo shoot in China.

Looks like it’s all grown up, and quite nice looking.
At least this version. For that particular market.

The car looks really good on the bottom picture.
The rest of that picture, is very disturbing…

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  1. That dog does'nt look too happy…
    Is that the base car in the bottom pic?:)
    So far the car looks good. A big improvement.

  2. The 5-door looks absolutely elegant compared to the hideous 4-door spyshots we've been seeing.. this looks like a 3/4-scale previous-generation Murano, taillights and all!

  3. Vince, that's such a disturbing picture of the little girl humping the dog. Really, what was the ad agency thinking?

  4. Yes, Of Course.
    Nissan Versa is really looking good and cool model. Can you please give some information about Nissan Altima?

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