2012 Nissan Versa/Tiida

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With its new design, we can finally welcome the Versa to the 21st Century.
Some markets will get the 188 engine from the Juke.
Not sure yet what the US Versa will be getting under the hood. But it should be similar to the familiar 108hp it is getting now.

This makes the Sentra look even older.

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  1. Vince you already know, because I told you, that there is a new Sentra on the way as well and it is a horny shrunk down Altima. This is gorge! Nissan wins!

  2. "Anonymous said…
    Cool design that makes the Mazda3 appear outdated.

    April 19, 2011 5:29 PM"

    This doesn't even compete with the Mazda3, fool.

    Regardless, I'd still take a Mazda2 or Mazda3 over the Versa. The Versa is unreliable and is a terrible vehicle to drive, especially with that awful CVT.

  3. to me this was meant to be the infiniti electric car that the dealers turn down. this will never see the light of day. I like it.

  4. If this hatch got the Juke's engine, this segment will never be the same. I could see that being a HUGE hit.

  5. Something tells me that the US won't be getting this at all.. comparing the looks of this to the sedan we are actually getting, the two couldn't possibly be sold under the same brand, much less as the same model. The headlights and grille look very Infiniti.. perhaps they had planned to sell this as the Infiniti CT-fighter?

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