2012 Subaru Impreza

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An all new Impreza is on it way.
We will see the whole thing at the New York Auto Show in a couple of weeks.

And it looks.. like… the larger Legacy. Which I thought it was at first.
It actually looks more like a cross between the current Impreza and the Legacy.
More so than the really good concept they showed us late last year…

Here is the concept they teased us with not so long ago.
What happened to it??
It didn’t look that futuristic to begin with.
They didn’t need to change much, but they did. Enough to make it another boring small sedan.
Which now will compete with many less boring new cars like the Elantra and Focus etc…

Good luck…

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  1. The new Impreza's looks will largely be determined by the front end. It will look great if it embodies the hexagonal grille of the concept. It will look like any other compact if it has the girlish smiley face of the current model.

    The side view looks promising.

  2. 36 MPG in an AWD sedan, that's what will sell this car, as long as the looks are passable, people will overlook the rest.

  3. The current Impreza sedan is really great looking but is nearly invisible in the marketplace. This looks good too, but it doesn't appear to be moving the needle any. The concept is fresh, and the aggressive lines are similar to those of the new Optima.

  4. One thing that will separate this from the bunch is 36 MPG HWY with AWD!

    But my first thought was "Hey! Is that the refreshed Cruze without the Sebring/200 plastic fake side windows?"…I would say I was disappointed, but then it works as a great improvement over the current Impreza.

  5. NO it doesn't look like a Civc.

    I don't know the purpose of releasing these good looking concepts that look almost production ready and then change the whole thing around to some generic looking thing.

  6. My first thought is "Honda finally got their act together".

    Then I realized it was a Subaru.

    Nice job, Subaru!

  7. boring, but may be they can use more elements of the concept in the STI version? In any event, buyers of Subarus are not buying for style.

  8. Dissapointed, the concept had me thinking Subie was actually coming up with an attractive car for once. Instead of spice, we get vanilla. I had a feeling.

    And No, it does NOT look like the new Civic, it actually makes that hum-drum new Civic loook appealing.

  9. Meh… looks better than the current model, but what doesn't these days. I was really looking forward to seeing the production version but I see that they killed most of the lines that made the concept look so good. Guess I'll have to reserve full judgement until I see the wrx and sti trim levels.

  10. I am a little disappointed after seeing the concept. I'm in the market for a new car by next Winter and I'm not getting the sedan. I really hope they can pull a magic trick with the hatch version since that is really what I'd like to buy. This sedan isn't bad but it isn't nearly as great as it could have been. Subaru really screwed up the trunk area. I didn't really think the 4-door coupe design would survive. At least they preserved the Hoffmeister kink. Not much, but it's something.

    Still 36mpg in an AWD vehicle is nothing to sniff about.

  11. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.

    It looks like a very boring Mazda3 from the side with the hoffmeister kink.

    Regardless, 36MPG with AWD is doubtful. I hope that they don't release a FWD only model.

  12. Looks better than the current Impreza, but that's not really saying much. The concept promised too much in terms of exterior styling. It looks like the production version will fail to deliver on that promise. I still want to see the entire thing before I completely write it off. I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with what I see so far.

  13. Exactly my thoughts: first thought this was the new legacy… Seems Subaru is upscaling all of their models.

    The concept looked sporty but this one is boring. But difficult to predict how it well sell nowadays. Kia/Hyundai do have great momentum so it does payoff to take more design risks.

  14. Nice looking, but ordinary car.
    Could be a Mazda 3, upcoming Civic, even a Chevy Cruze (without its dumb Sebring-inspired "C" pillar).
    Will surely be a good car–especially for people who want an all-wheel drive compact sedan.
    Too bad it's so boring…………

  15. The MY02-07 looked better. Why does it need the mini C pillar and what was wrong with the more coupe like, oblique rear end/trunk lid? What was wrong with the sharper more elongated take lights. Really? What was wrong with the concept that the proportions in the production version had to be so distorted. Cheers to Hyundai/Kia for making economical cars look appealing, modern and desirable.

  16. My friend who is working with Subaru in Texas, told me the release details of 2012 Subaru Impreza.

    According to him Subaru hasn't plan to sale it yet, but if the production will start, then the car will go on sale sometime in spring or maybe summer.

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