2012 VW Beetle.

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It’s finally here and looking really good.
Different enough from the current model, and still a Beetle.

I think VW did a great job updating the retro futuristic design.
Something Chrysler never had the guts (or the money) to do with the PT cruiser.

It will be available with a Diesel engine as well as the 2.0 Turbo.
Base engine for the US should be the usual 2.5 Liter with 170hp used in the 2011 Jetta.

More very soon…

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  1. I didn't expect to like it, but that is really quite nice. I think they made it look more like a retro version of the original, whereas the outgoing model looked too futuristic and bubbly.

  2. I cannot see it that much different. May be in person. I have always liked it anyway. It is the only retro design that makes sense out there, unlike the poor Mustang…

  3. Seems like a bit of a committee-car. Less pure than the outgoing model. Somehow I like it more though. It doesn't scream "Dental Hygienist Car" like the previous design doses.

  4. Honestly why doesn't VW forget about the Beetle and just give us the Scirocco. What does everybody think about that!

  5. Thank goodness they got rid of the acre of plastic between the edge of the IP and the windshield. It looks almost driveable now.

  6. I saw the video. It has a little bit of Porsche in the front and the rear and a lot of Audi TT in profile. Simply gorgeous. The 2.0T with the standard spoiler will definitely be a hit. Now the question remains about reliability.

  7. Side profile reminds me of the Chrysler Crossfire. Not a bad thing really. The profile was the only good looking angle of that car.

  8. I like it. Not revolutionary, but still very nice. I'm thinking that the front grille is a little too conventional and doesn't have much character. But overall, looks good.

  9. Finally, VW, good design job–especially with the hint of Porche in the roofline and rear lights.

    It's a real car now. With the right engine, etc… it'll be helluva lot of fun to customize.

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