2013 Audi A3

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An all new A3 is coming out next year.
We’ve already seen what the sedan version will look like a while ago. Now Audi is showing us an official sketch of the new hatchback.
I always liked the A3 and this next version looks even better. If not original.

Competing in a segment that is getting hotter than ever with redesigned versions of the BMW 1 series and Mercedes A class coming up.

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  1. yeah that steering wheel is bonkers. way to promote safe driving, audi. "remember kids, always place your hands at 10 and NOTHING!"

  2. Yes. Don't panic. As slab99 said, the steering wheel is a cutaway so the design of the dash is visible, yet you still see enough of the wheel so that you also have an idea of what it would look like.

    Now to what I wanted to say: I can hardly see any difference between the (obviously "stylized") sketch of the exterior and the current car. I am very, very annoyed by Audi's excessively conservative styling (and the same goes for VW). The engineering may be great and all, but if a car bores me when I look at it, I'm not interested.

  3. "offered in a four door", meaning, you can have any body style you want, as long as it has at least 4 doors.

  4. I like the current A3, and this looks like a natural evolution of it using their current brand language. The wheels are a bit ridiculous and out of place. There's so little rubber, they look like wagon wheels.

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