2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco

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Just like with the Cruze, the new Malibu will be available as a new “Eco” model.It will be rated at 26 City and a quite amazing 38 highway.
It uses GM’s eAssist system.

Here is more from GM:

– First Chevrolet with new fuel-saving eAssistâ„¢ technology
– Estimated fuel economy of 26 city / 38 highway
– Uses own energy to recharge the battery and doesn’t use gas when stopped
– New exterior shape and features such as active grille shutters to enhance fuel economy
– As many as 550 miles of driving range between fill-ups

The Malibu ECO is a smart choice for customers who want excellent fuel economy without the price premium of popular hybrid sedans,” said Rick Scheidt, vice president of Chevrolet marketing. “The Malibu ECO’s 38-mpg highway estimate is comparable with those hybrids.

Malibu’s eAssist system uses a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery and an electric motor-generator to enable regenerative braking electric assist and start-stop functionality. It is efficiently sized, weighing only 65 pounds (29 kg).

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  1. ding ding ding din – we have a winner! my next car.

    with that MPG, it is officially EVERYTHING I'm lloking for:

    -High MPG
    -large enough for 4 adults comfortably
    – all of the tech bells and whistles plus onstar
    – awesome looking

    all my wants/needs without any sacrifice.


  2. This looks like it may be my next car as well! Similar checkmarks here:

    -High MPG
    -Comfortable for 4
    -Nice design

  3. I actually like this better than the red one that we've been seeing so much. These red tail lamps don't look as great on a red car. This doesn't look "eco" at all. This car is beautiful.

  4. Chevy really should have a hit with this. The previous Malibu was decent, but this one has a sportier demeanor. You can tell it is related to the Camaro. It will be interesting to see what Ford does with the next Fusion, because it has some serious competition here.

  5. The good news is that the good-looking Malibu will go down in price once they stop making them in 2011. And the new uglier one will cost more than the good one.

  6. The current Malibu is still a nice looking car. But I do prefer the style of the new one. Except for the rear end, the styling differences are very subtle.

  7. So GM's VP of marketing for Chevrolet is saying this Malibu ECO will be cheaper than a Prius (most popular hybrid) which starts at $23K and gets 50 mpg city or highway? Somehow I think he is full of hot air.

  8. So…Malibu Mild Hybrid Take Two? What I don't understand is how an Equinox 4cyl can get an overall greater highway range than the Malibu Eco…let alone a Malibu Striped Down Base Model LS. Sure, it's only 50 miles, but still, I haven't forgotten about that advertising.

  9. Rear 3/4 view looks like a 1995 Buick Regal with '11 Camero tail lights. 50MPG & Prius Prices never got me into a Prius and it won't get me into this Chevy. Even if GM Hybrids have consistantly been safer & more reliable than Toyotas. I still like the outgoing Malibu better. But at the end of the day, I'll most likely by the 298HP/29MPG CHARGER. It wins by a mile on styling alone!

  10. Okay.

    Maybe it's just the angle, but the rear-end of the car in the first pic looks crazy-awkward.

    But then again, maybe I'm just looking for nits to pick…

  11. Yeah but how is the 26 MPG comparable to the hybrids? This guy is just another lying clown out of GM.

  12. "Yeah but how is the 26 MPG comparable to the hybrids? This guy is just another lying clown out of GM."

    I think 26city/38hwy is very competitive for a non hybrid full sized car. Hybrids perform much better in slow-crawl city driving than on highway. If what GM is saying is true, the new Malibu eco is competitive with diesels, and probably very suitable for the way most people drive.

  13. I have heard some features about Eco before visit this blog post, but now i knew more which is raising my willingness to buy this car as soon as possible. I am waiting for the Indian version of this car model.

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