2013 Chevrolet Malibu interior.

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GM released another teaser shot of the all new Chevrolet Malibu interior.
It shows a pretty cool feature. A little convenient storage area located directly being the flat color screen.
A nice, innovative touch.

As you can see on this picture, the next Malibu took some cues from the Euro Chevrolet Orlando Crossover.
It offers a similar feature, although not directly behind the screen.

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  1. Very handy. I'm not a fan of lots of exposed cubby areas, so this is very slick. But what is that inside… A CD??? How very 1990.

    Anyhoo, very nice GM. Unexpected details and intelligent design will help sell lots of cars.

  2. Very good idea, but I sure hope they didn't cheap out on the latch. A good dampened latch with a motorized or slow opening door will really make this a great feature.

  3. The curved-at-the-top air vents ruin the center stack on the new Malibu. The current model's units resemble those of the old Audi A4; these recall the low-rent interior of the original Saturn Vue.

    Copying Audi is always a better bet (Shanghai is listening).

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