2013 Chevrolet Malibu

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First official picture.

I am not sure what to say. Except, I really liked the current model.

Stay tuned for more. Very soon…

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  1. I like this car a lot! I really hope it has AWD as an option. For me, I think it's going to be a toss-up between this new Malibu and the next Ford Fusion. Personnally, I think this new Malibu is going to be the Regals biggest competition. Reminds me of the Chevy Malibu vs. Saturn Aura. We all know who won that one.

  2. Reasonably handsome. Not that diff'ernt from the current Maliblah. I'll withhold my final judgement until I see the rear with those goiter-like tail lamp images that were teased some weeks back.

  3. A progressive design of the current model, with a net gain. Honda should take notes on how to do a prgressive design rather than a static design.

  4. The current car is still one of the nicest midsized sedans you can buy. Glad to see that Chevy didn't let it rot on the vine before announcing the successor. I think this looks really good.

    The only criticism that I could point out is that the headlamps and the foglamps are awfully conventional looking. Most new cars have some really sophisticated and dramatic lighting. While this looks smart and understated, it might be nice to see something like that.

  5. Love the front end. Some shading in the headlights would work. But what I liked about the current Malibu were the slab sides – this looks a bit too close to the Opels and Buicks – just from the doors and tapered rear fenders.

  6. A bit sleeker and a bit more refined style.
    Should be a winner for the new, but, shameful GM which stiffed its previous stock and bondholders.

  7. At least its not juvenile looking…Like its interior.
    The Camaro/Malibu interior was designed by an 8 year old school boy.

  8. Wow very refined look to it and dare I say it sophisticated looking. Looks like all the design elements were designed for cohesion rather than putting random bits and pieces together. Kind of BMWish in its progressive design?

  9. Funny how this looks almost exactly like the outgoing model yet people are praising it…

    The new Civic draws on it's current fantastic design and people are dogging it.


  10. Agree on the looks "somewhat Buick-ish" comment, which may not necessarily be a good or a bad thing.

    Moar pix, v1Nc3!

  11. i think its an AWESOME evoluton of the front end. They finally got the right size of the double grill. it doesnt hang to low anymore.

    if they put an eassist in this thing getting mid-30s mpgs – -what a WINNER!

  12. First of all the Civics design was never fantastic. It was always boring. The last generation of the Malibu and this current pic, are great!!

  13. "Funny how this looks almost exactly like the outgoing model yet people are praising it…
    The new Civic draws on it's current fantastic design and people are dogging it."

    The current Malibu, while not perfect, is very attractive. So evolutionary improvements are what's needed. The current Civic sedan looks third-world and cheap, therefore nothing short of a complete new design would be well received.

  14. Looks good. First time GM didn't take a step backwards after putting out a decent car the first time.

    Still not buying one though. It'll make a good rental in Hawaii though.

  15. People who are calling this a cruze look a like or a same as the before malibu needs to get their eyes checked. seriously, this is subtle yet elegant. so live with it instead of saying ohhh this looks like this, i think you alls face looks like my ass how about that!

  16. Seems proof to me that they didn't need to replace the current model. Still I guess your tax dollars paid for it (not mine, our country hasn't set fire to its currency…yet).

  17. Funny how this looks almost exactly like the outgoing model yet people are praising it…

    Thats because the current design is arguably the best-looking mid-size out there — STILL!

    The new front looks a bit better than the current one (which has already set the bar pretty high)

    I can hardly wait to see what the other 3/4 of this looks like; but I'm dubious–the current one is a tough act to follow!

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