All new Opel Astra Coupe

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Obviously “ready to go”.

I still think this would make a cool new Buick Verano Coupe.
The Verano sedan doesn’t seem very appealing to a younger audience to me. But this could work…

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  1. The Verano sedan could have been a real competitor to the TSX (not a lofty goal) but looks ten years old already. I simply cannot understand how a car that isn't even launched yet could look more bland and less original than everything else currently in Buicks showroom. Hopefully Buick will do the right thing and bring the coupe into this decade. Can't really tell much from this angle.

  2. The only thing going for the Verano is it's more powerful engine when compared to the Cruze, but that's not enough.

    …And don't even get me started on the Regal's Turn Signals/brake lights. What a disaster. Why couldn't the arrangement be the same as the Insignia's?!

  3. I like it but the back looks like a cross between an Acura and a Hyundai. And now-a-days thats not a bad thing.

  4. The 3-door "coupe" and the 5-door hatchback need to join Buick's U.S. lineup. I hope GM is seriously considering this…

  5. This is an Astra, so its a pretty small car. Don't let the viewing angle fool you. It would not compete with a CUV, and the problem with bringing this here (like the Saturn Astra) was that it was too small for the price and really hard to see out of. Buick should leave it in Europe and see how the new small Buick's do.

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