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Although they still call it a concept, this is pretty much the car that will be available in Korea later this year.
Where it will compete with the Hyundai Grandeur and Kia K7.

The new SM7 is based on the Renault Latitude. A rather boring large sedan.
The Samsung version seems much more aggressive.

Here is the new renault Latitude.

And here is the current Samsung SM7. Which has been on sale since 2004, and is based on the Nissan Teana, a cousin of our previous generation Nissan Maxima.

For a while, Penske was in talk with Renault to import Samsung models as Saturn in the US.
As we know, this never happened.
It could have been interesting…

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  1. Okay.

    There's a lot going on with that concept car. Lots of potential, but once they get rid of all that show car razzle-dazzle, it will probably be just another big, bland sedan.

    Here's to hoping I'm wrong…

  2. Samsung SM5 = Renault Latitude/safrane

    The SM7 will be a more expensive car and there will be a renault version of it (vel satis?)

  3. Actually the SM7 Concept looks more like a reskinned/updated version of the Nissan Teana (shown in the last pic).
    Even the C and D pillar in both concept and Teana looks awfully similar, as well as the side profile line which runs across front to back.

    Looks like they just changed the entire front and rear, but mostly cosmetic, nothing structural.

    just my 0.02.

  4. The Latitude is just a Samsung saloon anyway so it's no biggy. The rear of this concept screams new Saab 9-5 to me…

  5. The SM7 looks like an english version of the current Chevy Impala.

    Samsung sure puts anything from China to shame!

  6. It makes sense that the SM7 show car looks like the new Infiniti M after seeing the current Nissan-based model.. but it looks nothing like the Renault it will supposedly be based on.

  7. I also get that Korean Lincoln MKS vibe from it. MKS itself a distortion of the Jaguar XF, which this thing seems to also have cues of.

    If it is a reskin of the Teana, they certainly made that awful car look 100% better.

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