Chinese Mini copy coming up…

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This on is from Geely.
For their “luxury” sub brand called Emgrand.

And it looks like the Mini went through a blender in Hell…

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  1. Yes, there are similarities, but at least it's not a near exact copy like their cars from 5 years ago.

  2. The Chinese are Chinese. And they'll always continue to embarrass themselves. Culturally, I don't understand they do this. And I don't want to.

  3. very nice, a cross between a mini and a citroen rally car. done! Hey we are all the reason china is getting stronger by the minute. I will tell you that within 10 years, china will rule this planet .we all talk human rights and low labour rates being unfair….but china has the formula that is working and we all will listen up. The US as a country owes china countless billions. They are in charge.

  4. Pass! A blatant knock off. I, for one, am trying NOT to buy anything from the soulless Chinese. Especially cars. They will only rule the world if we let them. America still has the strongest economy in the world, regardless of what the news tells you.

  5. I'll buy a Chinese built iPod or DVD player. Because when they break in a year, and they always do, it's no big deal. Japanese, American or European electronics lasted for decades, but the labor is too expensive today. And the WalMart crowd doesn't care about quality anyway. I'm not interested in a disposable Chinese car, but I'm sure that most people will buy them by the truckloads.

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