Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid concept

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Quite a mouth full..

This is supposed to be a preview of the next GS sedan.
For once, I really hope they water it down for production.

This looks like a busy mess with way too many lines going everywhere. It is not tasteful or modern.

The current car might be a bit boring, but I think it still looks good. And great compared to this.

One of these cars that looks like 28 designers worked on it without ever talking to each other.

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  1. If you replaced the chair looking grille with the double kidney grille, it looks like the previous 5 series….

  2. I like it. The design seems to borrow more from the current ES, which may mean that Lexus is finally thinking of merging the two cars and dropping the ES. Looks way better than the current GS, and more like a stylish younger brother to the LS. That Darth Vader grill is crazy!

  3. Who knows.. maybe management feels guilty about he success of the brand and is now endeavoring to scare people away for a time.. This visually-lacerating monster will surely do just that.

  4. Lexus your calendars are still set to April 1, 2011. It's no longer April Fool's Day…..C'mon Son! Where's the real concept!

  5. Vince your comment made me laugh! 😀
    It does look as though many designers worked on it individually and then connected the lines together to create a monster!

    Please Lexus come up with something to either match or outpace the Germans. This proposal is not nice at all

  6. Looks more like an evolution of the current LS-series than anything related to the GS… Hmmm?

    Either way – Yuck!

  7. more than what you and me think, i do think its quite fine, i would definitely. people will buy this. no matter what a small amount of us bloggers think, as i am sure that they have people judge the pre production models.

  8. I like the rear, actually. But the front end is just terrible. And yes, frustratingly unadventurous when you take off all the fancy bits for the production model.

  9. The front end will be fine. this is just a concept, let them clean that thing up, i mean i like it, i would buy this in a heartbeat. but would i get this over the A6 or the E idk, depends.

  10. Absolutely the best car Lexus/Toyota/Scion has ever designed!!! (O:K, I admit that's not really saying much.)

    But still; for a Toyota, it at least looks like they're starting to TRY.

  11. u sir are blind if u think this even resembles a mitsu lancer, you obviously would not qualify for a designers job!


    I disagree; the interiors I've been in have been crap!

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