Opel/Vauxhall Astra Coupe

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These are the official pictures of the Astra Coupe.
And it is quite a stunning looking car.

I am still hoping this might somehow end up over here as a sporty Buick Verano Coupe.
But I am also not holding my breath.

More on this car soon…

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  1. Buick Bengal! Bring it on home to the U.S. GM!

    I think the exterior is distinctive enough to justify a different model name. Give the interior different material treatments from the Verano sedan (no faux wood, please!) and it could pass as a separate model.

  2. Beautiful car! Hard to see 20 or 30somethings buying a Buick. No matter how attractive it is. The new Regal has proven that to me. I swear everone I see in a new Regal is at least 65+.

  3. I swear everone I see in a new Regal is at least 65+.

    You must live were the only people of means are old folks. Where I spend the summers 20 & 30-somethings drive 5 & 7 series, Chrysler 300's, Jags, Masarattis, Challengers, Mustangs & Chargers! (Probably Cads more than Buicks but Buicks aren't exactly rare among the young.) Old farts are few and usually are in a Lexus or Merc. (Except the janitor at church–he drives a '10 Accord with lots of dings & scrapes–Only Accord I've ever seen with whitewalls)

  4. This car is just drop-dead gorgeous…

    ..and yet were talking about an ASTRA!

    This needs to come here pronto.

  5. Good looking car…till GM puts the gawdy U.S. version BUICK grille on it. Watch, faux wood will be included.

    GM can screw up a wet dream, they have many many times already.

  6. Buicks website shouldn't be a bunch of clouds either, their customers will think they are dead already.

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