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  1. 50s car , 50s swamp cooler.

    What's the big deal?

    Go to car show with cars of that vintage and you will see tons of them.

  2. Obviously a photoshop. No American car ever lasted that long. Besides, I know 1000's of people that still drive their 1953 Honda to work every day. If Plymouths were meant to last this long they'ld still be making them. And people would gladly pay almost list to buy one.

  3. I had one of these or what looked like it. A 53 Chrysler windsor and it even had a Hemi motor. Other than that it sucked

  4. That thing is a cooling unit. it works when the car is at speed it collects air and directs it into the car. It was popular in the 1930s to the 1950s

  5. A few '53 and '54 Plymouths had a semi-automatic transmission called Hy-Drive. It consisted of a torque converter between the flywheel and the standard transmission.

    Had to use the clutch to change gears, but the car could be left in 3rd gear and driven like a fully automatic except that it was SO SLOW! Better to start in 2nd gear, then shift to high gear. Could idle at stop lights while in gear and clutch engaged because of the fluid coupling.

    High engine speeds resulted in terrible gas mileage–about 10 or 11 MPG.

    I had a '53 Hy-Drive Plymouth and it leaked a quart of oil every 75 miles! Huge oil spot under the car wherever it was parked. New converter seals failed in just a few days, so stopped trying to repair and just bought cheap oil.

    Fortunately, the leaking torque converter was fed through the engine, so adding oil was easy.

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