Subaru XV Concept

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From this teaser picture, it does look like a jacked up version f the upcoming Impreza hatchback.
That would mean New York gets the sedan next week, while the auto show in Shanghai gets a concept version of the hatch.

I think most people have not bee impressed with the sedan so far. The hatch could be a bit more interesting.
But so-so designs are not what Subaru needs in order to be on the shopping list of most people…

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  1. The shadow makes it look like a REAL Outback version of the current one. I guess they figured the hatch was besigned a bit better than the sedan this generation so they aren't deviating from the current one much. It is bad that I'm more interested in those wheels?

  2. The Outback Sport is called the XV in Asia. So its not really a new designation or approach. Its just got more 'style' so its perfect for a concept intro of the upcoming model. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a better looking car than the last released photo.

  3. I don't think you can get more uninspired by the design of the 2012 Impreza… just a total mashup of other current cars.

    The concept was attractive and somewhat distinctive.

    What they are offering us is total crap in the looks department.

  4. Subaru XV Concept defines the new generation of vehicle. But I am afraid people are not actually seeking for this..

    I guess they are looking for a vehicle that will offer looks, benefits, and a packaging that stretch beyond from those populated crowd of existing crossover models.

    benefits beyond from those existing crossover models.

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