Subaru XV Concept

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take away the few Concept bits, and what you’ve got here is the Outback version of the next Impreza Hatchback.

Which is a bit sad, really.

The sedan they showed us a few days ago is very boring. And this, while being a bit better, doesn’t seem to be able to blend the general blockiness of the car with the more rounded shape of a hatchback.

Quite a mess.

The interior seems light years away from the super cheap looking one in the current version though…

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  1. Not bad, but not very 'Subaru' either… Still much more interesting than the Impreza sedan we've been shown.

  2. Since the sedan is coming to the US with the 2.0, one can almost guarantee we'll see a 5 door with the 2.0 and CVT combo, probably putting out the same or close to the same ~36mpg highway.

  3. Oh man. Another small nail in Subaru's design coffin. It's almost as clumsy as Toyota's 4Runner. Vague, poor color choice, Blech!!

  4. i agree. that green color doesnt do much for it – especially in these photoshop/CG images. I'd be surprised if much of the detail here actually makes it to the production model – note: no 5mph bumpers, no side mirrors. It will change some in translation. Could be a nice update. We should have a better idea tomorrow when the sedan debuts.

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