2012 Audi A6 Avant

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Back in “the days”, Avant used to mean the hatchback versions of various Audi and VW models.
Now it just means “wagon”.

The new A6 is a good looking car, if a bit boring and predictable. And so is the wagon version.
It is exactly what you think it would look like.

Unlike the CTS wagon, which is a totally original design, and quite a departure from the sedan.

I guess they already have a fan base, like BMW and Mercedes wagons, and just don’t want to rock the boat.

At least, it retains the super nice interior from the sedan and the A7.

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  1. I hope this interior makes its way down to the A4. The current A4 interior is a little bit busy for my taste. Even though this is very similar to a BMW interior design, I think it works better than what they've done in the A4.

  2. Vince, Avant has ALWAYS meant wagon in Audi's nomenclature.

    I don't know where you got your info from.

  3. Avant = wagon, but Audi/VW = garbage. Saw a new Q7 with one whole side of its pretty new LED lighting burned out. Lovely look for a new $70K car. Face it, Audi is the new wannabe car for those too stupid to know what to do with their money.

  4. A6 = Great design and horrible reliability. I've got better things to do with my money than throwing down the toilet $4,500 A/C repairs at 46,000 miles…..

    Audi salesmen line up for comments….

  5. Avant has always meant wagon. No, this isn't as dramatic as the CTS wagon, which is stunning, but the a6 Avant sure is distinctive and good looking. As for the reliability, there always seems to be one or two "anonymous" comments that chime in about how terrible Audis are. I've had three Audis, and my family has had several. They've been wonderful cars and I'll continue to buy them as long as they keep doing what they're doing. I'll only drive a Toyota or Hyundai when I'm renting. I think that some people just like to troll and exaggerate based on no real knowledge.

  6. i still don't understand why they decided to make the shifter + surrounding area to look like the interior of a boat

  7. I don't understand why everyone is so in love with the squared German style stacked dashes. They look like sculpted 2x4s, lack originality, and seem like they came from an 80's Crown Victoria. Even the dash of the new Hyndai Elantra has more charater.

    FYI: just because it's from Germany, doesn't mean it's a great design!

  8. Decent dash — better than current A6; a long long way from being as nice as the A8. BMW-7, or even Cadillac STS. Better than the E-class coupe; not as nice at the E-class sedan. Overall; very acceptable — but unfortunately there are several better choices on the market. Including anything made by Jag.

  9. "Saw a new Q7 with one whole side of its pretty new LED lighting burned out."

    Was the turn signal on? It deactivates just like in Chrysler products when the turn signal is on so you can actually see it w/o having the DRL drowing it out.

    I'm so supporter of VW/Audi by any means though. I will never trust them. It's the only vehicle/brand in which I've ever seen the clutch STICK to the floor! No thanks, and definitely no thanks after the warranty runs out. If I were into leasing, this would be the only way…

  10. "Saw a new Q7 with one whole side of its pretty new LED lighting burned out."

    The white LED running lights go off when the turn signal is on. It looks strange so some Audi enthusiast sites give instructions on how to change the programming to the European settings that don't do that.

  11. I've always said it, German cars like this are the perfect lease car. That way hopefully it doesn't spend enough time in the air at the service department…Let the shmuck that buys this secondhand deal with the repairs.

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